St. Joe state park in missouri

Does anyone know if you can still ride this park and what is it like now. i was there in '97 and it was whooped out with some trails, mx style tracks, and some bigger jumps in a back corner

Yeah I need to know also

since I am taking some losers down there in february!!!!

I just posted this reply to get this thread back to the top.

I know someone on this board has ridden ST joes state park.

so please reply

I rode there back in Feb 99. That was the last time I was there.

I heard it is still open but I'm not 100% on that. I'll see if I can come up with a number for you to call.

Last time I was there they had some killer sand washouts that you could get some good air off of, but since then I have HEARD (what source I got this from I cant remember) that they leveled all of that stuff out because, well, you know, you dont want to erode away the sand! :):D

When I rode there last June they handed me a 2001 Special Events Calender that listed activities through Nov 2001, so I'd say its a sure bet that it is still open. You can call (573) 431-1069 to get the Park Office.

Decent place to ride. Fairly deep sand right off the parking area. Surrounded by wooded hills. Head to the hills for some good trails riding. There are a few areas set up with whoops etc. but nothing to write home about. It's an Easy place to get turned around in, so GPS devices might be a good idea. If your going with ATV riders, they are required to have flags. Hope this helps.

A group of us went there in November of 01. It is open and good riding. One of my friends is sure they haul more rocks in there everytime we go. It rained all day Sat and the sand area looked like a lake until you got up on it and realized the water was 1" or so deep. After a while I just assumed everything was 1" of water. I launched off a dune in the middle of 4th gear and landed in about 4' of water. Still don't know how I kept it going. It was very stay out of the water and take lots of extra tubes.

Hey guys I've been riding down there at St. Joes for years. They have great trails there but they are pretty rocky, watch out for flats. It's easy to get turned around in there but they have a gate around the whole place so you can't get lost too bad. If you're into alot jumping then I would recomend going elsewhere because the sand dunes are pretty much worn down to nothing now. Best time to go is after a good rain, the sand gets packed and you can hook up like crazy. There are also alot of high speed whooped out trails out in the sand area. When are you guys planning on going, maybe I'll see you guys down there. Look for a yellow 98' WR400 with hurricane graphics with #19 on it. My name is Chris

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