I Need Help Fast!!

I changed the oil in my 02 yz426f and replaced the oil filter i looked on here to see how much oil to put in it and found a quart and a half. I put in just over that and warmed the bike up to check it to be sure, well there was oil on the stick. i wiped it off and put the stick back in without screwing it down to check it properly, and it showed nothing so i screwed it in and pulled it and it still shows nothing do i need to put more oil in or is 1.5 quarts enough. I warmed the engine until it was warm to the touch on the left side of the cylinder do i need to warm it more? Im afraid to start it not knowing if i have enough oil PLEASE HELP ME! :applause: :applause: :ride::censored::lol::applause:

I need to get this figured out tonight thanks

If you add too much it will burn off. Sounds like you added the right amount though. I know this sounds stupid but did it leak back out? Maybe drain it into a clean container and measure it again then pour it back?

Add 100cc at a time until it shows on the stick, BUT warm it up first for 1-2 minutes.

The Stick Doesnt Lie Just Add More You Wont Hurt Anything Every Engine Car Truck Or Bike Has Some Little Weird Thing

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