How does the WR450 handle on a MX track?

I am trying to decide on getting either a used WR250 or WR450. I will do a 50/50 split between riding mx tracks and trails in NJ/NY/PA/CT so this means soft and loose mx tracks and extremely technical rocky/rooty/muddy East coast trails. I want a low maintenaince bike that is reliable enough where I can just take the bike into shop twice a year(check valves, piston, rings, etc) and I would do the air/oil every few rides myself. I weight 200 pounds without gear and value fun over speed.

Given my weight I am afraid I will over work the 250 and spend too much on maintenaince and want more power in 6 months but on the flipside I am afraid the 450 is too clumsy on the mx track and super technical trails.

I have found a 2003 WR250 and a 2003 WR450 that fit my budget(around $3000) so I am anxious to move on either one of these bikes before they are gone. So I humbly ask all you WR kung fu masters to show me the way.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but given you have a 50/50 split in riding, you might want to consider an YZ450F or YZ250F. There are many threads about setting one of these up for a woods bike. I have an YZ250 that I used for both, and in my opinion, it's easier to setup a MX bike for trails than vice versa. You will also be able to find a used YZ450F for the same price range. Of course you lose the e-start and lights, so that might be a consideration for you. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice but since I am a cheap SOB I didn't want to plop down anymore money on the bike so I need to get one ride ready once I get it. Plus I really want an e-start as kicking starting on steep terrain is sometimes very difficult.

The good news is after reading some more reviews on the WR450 I have decided to get it. I think all that I will do is get stiffer springs to handle my weight but run a light weight fork oil for small bump compliance. I also figure a 2003 WR250 probably has more engine wear than the same year WR450.

You made the right bike choice for your size. But plan on spending the money to get the suspension set up correctly for your needs. There's no comparison between the stock suspension and a revalved suspension.

As far as riding MX goes, a revalved WR will do it, but it ain't easy.


I have ridden both my '06 WR450 and my '95 YZ125 at the local track and there is no comparison, the WR has gobs more power, is easier up the jump faces but is a total pig next to the YZ, I have to ring up the 125 but it is so light and nimble its much more fun on the track, on the flip side on the desert and mountain trails in southern AZ, some of which are fairly tight and technical, for me at least, I love the WR, the suspension is cush and the power has saved my butt more than once, I dont find it too heavy and needless to say that the button is worth its wietgh in gold!

i have resprung my 05wr450 and ride it primarily in x-country races and trailing in the sierras.the times i've ridden it on a track have been "OK".the bike is limited mostly by weight.the trick is to commit to the jump and clear it or you'll suffer that weight.i bought a clean cr250 for cheap for track duty but will occaisionally ride the big WR on a track if the conditions are good and that's the bike i'm on.

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