just got my Dubach hot start kit.....

This thing kicks ass, I got it from my local extreme sports shop today and wow, what a piece of equipment. quite expensive but well worth it. if you cant make up your mind, or just dont know if you need it...Get the damn thing!!!!



Totally. I put one on this weekend. It gave me such a wood that I called down to Dr D himself this morning and asked him if he would make me a matching decompressor for the other side. He said he had gotten that request before and should have a prototype soon.

damn, i gotta update my signature again

This hot start is magic bought it from Dr D on Monday it arrived Wednesday not bad from America to South Wales (United Kingdom)fitted Saturday and what a pleasure Sunday was, not that I stall or fall of often you understand! I can't see how it can work better than when its on the carb what I think happens is that now the hot start is on the handle bars you tend to use it all the time instead of seeing if the bike will start without using it when it was on the carb

I just extended my hot start today, gotta chubby but I was wondering if the one you guys have is different from the one I just got for a steal. If they are different which is better. I just got the kit that extends a fuel line or air line, up to the handlebars. At the bars you have a valve that you open.

I was wondering if the extra distance the air has to travel would make a difference. Like maybe decrease the benefit of the hot start.


Sounds like DR. D is getting a good advertising bang for here his buck over here at thumpertalk!



I tried the type with the hose connected up to the handle bar. It changed the jetting so drasticly I couldn't keep it running and eventually fouled a plug (first for me). I switched back to the stock hot start and found it worked great again. Had an order into Dr. D the next day.

Supposed to be here tomorrow, so now I'm stoked.


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