Noisy WR450F

Hey guys I am new to this sight I own an 03WR450F and I was just wondering if these motors are all noisey valve adjustment is ok seems to go away after a while is that piston slap I am hearing.

Nope, it's the chain slapping the chain guide against the top of the swingarm (right behind the countershaft sprocket).

they are noisy thats just how they are lots of clunking and clanging:ride:

thanks for the information how often should the chain be replaced or is it not necisary

you wont have to change it for a long time if its new ,kep an eye on the sprockets for wear your owners manual will have pics suggesting when to change

On the earlier WR's, we loosened the top half of the chain slider and inserted a piece of rubber under it (padding) then tightened it back down. This took care of the noise, and prevented the chain slider from wearing into the swingarm.

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