i have a xr650 :)

woohoo. just bought one on ebay tonight. a 2000 model some nice exras.. btu best of all street legal.

now for the goodies and mods.. suggestions? ideas??

its sort of stock per the ad...

if soemone cn gve me some idea of waht this pwer up mod is and such i'd appreicate it : )

"2000 honda xr 650 r

Equipped with Baja Designs Enduro kit and is currently titled in the state of Ohio. The kit includes speedometer, turn signals, rearview mirror, horn, high / low beam headlamp, taillight, and brake lamp. Mainly this bike has been street ridden, but has seen some offroad usage. I purchased this bike with approximently 800 miles on it and currently has 7834 miles. It also has been equipped with Honda power up kit, new dp clutch, maier aluminum bar savers, intake baffle eliminator, uni air filter, newer sunline sprockets, oring chain, jet kit and homemade passenger pegs. It has been regularly maintained and is in good overall condition. I also have all of the stock components which have been removed from the bike in favor of the aftermarket, such as stock intake, spark arrestor, headlamp bezel, owners manual, and rectifier/ regulator.

now for the goodies and mods.. suggestions? ideas??

its sort of stock per the ad...

Equipped with Baja Designs Enduro kit and is currently titled

dp clutch

Honda power up kit

maier aluminum bar savers

intake baffle eliminator

uni air filter

newer sunline sprockets, oring chain, jet kit

homemade passenger pegs

not very stock at all... unless your idea of what modified means is pretty radical.

what to do with the bike depends pretty much on what where/how you want to ride. There is such a variety of aftermarket options out there that you first have to make up your mind about the purpose of your mods, then go shopping :censored:

Welcome to TT!

I believe you are refering to the HRC power up kit? About a $2000 mod. higher compression piston, cam, etc. The only further mod you need is a keihin FCR carb or edelbrock pumper carb.

More info on the power up kit and a ton of other mods can be found at WWW.xrsonly.com.

If the bike has the power up kit already installed you got one good buy, plated too! Some folks have all the luck :censored:

well my plan is to motard it.. ideally i'd need




new carb

i'llbe asking mpre ?'s soon enough.. but i'm very excited and would stil ike to use it as a trail bike too up her ein new england.

Xrs only exhaust :censored:

EBC brakes :ride:

eastcoast wheels :lol:

Keep the old ones for the trail rides, you will have to buy two front rotors though, ( one for each front rim) if your planning on the oversize?

i've doen so much reading hte past 2 days since the purchase...

i'l m goign blind :censored:

cant wait ti t hets here!!!!

Way to go! I love my XR650R Dual Sport and would not want to supermoto it. I think the best part of dual sport is linking sick trails together with short rides on the road.

If you get an exhaust pipe, get a matching header too. Most of the header/pipe combos shift the power up in the RPM which helps on the street. The most common header pipe combos are Procircuit T-4, FMF PowerCore4(Pipe)/PowerBomb (Header), and XRS only. A cam can also help with a pipe. I would get the pipe first, then a stage 1 (mild) or stage 2 hotcams cam.

If you go for an aftermarket or HRC piston, you need race gas when you hit 11:1 compression. If you get the HRC kit (CAM/Piston/extras), you will have to run race gas unless you mill off part of the piston crown. Link below.


Welcome to the 650R world!

Some of the best first upgrades is to get rid of all the stock plastic gaurds.( rear rotor, front sprocket, etc.) and get all the after market frame gaurds you can, it will save you in the long run.

SWEET thanks....

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