Oil leaking on 03 WR 450 What is it?

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your frame has a hair line crack in it. same thing happened to my 02 yz. just take a wire brush and take the paint off. use a small hand torch heat the frame a little bit move it around and you should be able to see oil bleed thru. just have it welded.,

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Sometimes when someone has packed the steering stem bearings with a lot of grease it will sort of melt from the heat of the oil in the frame and seep out. If that's your problem, no worries.

Your grease in your steering stem is shot......time to re-grease....better do your swingarm too...

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Oh.....Yep that don't sound like grease.

I have had a cracked weld in the frame on my 05. Its a pain in the butt.

Someone already said...

1) Find out where its coming from, I had to run the motor for a few minutes and using a dry cloth find the oil. Its probably one of the welds on the front of the frame.

2) Strip the entire bike down to the frame.

3) Find the best welder you can and bring it to him.

4) Put it all back together and hope it doesn't leak anymore:crazy:


it could be the decompression plug, do a search for this...it wasn't corrected until 04?

What was the problem?

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