Xr600R Battery Discharge

I have an 89 XR600R that I converted over to a DC system using a Ricky Stator. I am using a high quality bridge rectifier / voltage regulator for my DC side which runs my signals, horn, brake light and charges a 1.2AH battery, and an AC regulator to run my 90/100W headlight bulb.

The system works great, though I noticed after 6 months of riding about once a week, the battery stopped holding a charge. This was a slow progression, and it eventually got to the point where I couldn't ride it anymore. For example, if I were to turn on a blinker, or the brake light, the headlight would go very dim.

This was strange since the headlight ran on the AC side of the stator, and the rest of the stuff on the DC side. I thought maybe the battery was so far gone that it was shorting itself out, putting a huge draw on the entire system.

So I purchased a new battery, and once I installed it, everything was working great again. I rode the bike 2 or 3 times, then I stored it for about 3 weeks. When I went to ride it again, before I started it, I noticed the battery was completely dead.

It looks like I may have a draw somewhere even when the key is off. This draw is what most likely cuased my first battery to wear out so quickly. I plan on going through the system and troubleshooting it. But I was wondering if anyone has any quick pointers at why this could possibly be happening.


I have the same setup as you except my stator is an Electro Sport. It sounds like you have a stator issue. The AC side will not be effected by the DC side.

Wow that sounds strange. The two coils should be totally independent. A dead short on one side should not make any difference to the other.

There must be something wrong with the stator. There must be some kind of short between the two windings. Disconnect all 4 stator lighting connections and try some ohm measurements. The two windings should be isolated from each other.

As far as the battery goes, check the charging voltage when the engine is running at middle rpms. If it's too low ( < 13.7 ) the battery will not charge, and if it's too high ( > 14.4 ) it will electrolyze all the water away. To check is there is a drain, disconnect one of the battery terminals and use your volt meter on a low mA range to see if there is any current flowing.

One possibility is that some wiring got connected wrong, and that is why the two halves of the electrical system are connected.

I have a Baja Designs kit on my bike. I have the wiring from the stator with two outputs. I notice that when I have a low battery if I honk the horn it will cut out the light which is on the ac side of the stator vise the dc side for the horn and the relay that controls the high low beam actuation. I think it is trying to cycle it between the high and low side that causes the light to dim if not disappear. You might want to check that. Have fun, Tony

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