What do you think This is Worth???

When I bought my bike it came with a dual sport kit. Its not the full kit, its missing front turn signals and a horn. It has mirrors, turn signal harness and a rear turn signal kit. I also have the stock headlight and brake light from the WR. What do you think I could get for it? I have no desire to plate my bike. In terms of a trade, what would be a fair trade?

is that the invisible bike with no make,year or model??????????

0 $$$ would be my best guess.

I might give a little more than $0 for it. Does it include a control switch with horn, signal, and hi/low beam headlight wires? Do you have the hydraulic banjo bolt for the break light?

I might be interested. PM me the details, or post them here and somone will give you an idea of the kits worth.

A buck ninety-eight, two fifty

0 $$$ would be my best guess.

thats the best price for incomplete wiring nightmares that will probably cook your cdi.i'm sure it's a "universal" bike killing setup:eek:

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