2000 XR600R questions...

Just got back in town, and getting my bike ready to ride again. I have a few questions. My 600 is in great shape. Last time I rode it (before I deployed), it seemed sluggish. Maybe because I just got off my CRF450R???? does your 600 pull the front end up when you gas it, or not? Mine just seems like it is doggish. Throttle response is ok, the bike just doesnt seem to wind up that fast, or hard. Mayb I'm just used to the violence the 450R provides??? I am going to change out the plug, I live in FL, where it is always warm, I do some highway riding and some woods, swamp rides. What brand, type of plug should I get? Now, dont laugh, I have rewired the damn thing completely, and cant remember if the plug wire was new or not, also, any suggestions on aftermarket wires. What else, I have a White Bros (Supertrapp style) exhaust. It has the suggested about of rings installed (8 to 10 if memory serves correctly), can I pull these, and install the rear opening exhaust "tip"? Will I lose power? Twin Air filter is clean, steel oil filter, also clean, oil is fresh. Shit, maybe I just need a new rear tire...

I have a 2000 600 as well with a supertrapp and it will pull the tire in the first couple gears but after that it wont. My father and uncle both have 80's 600's with the dual carbs and their bikes will pull the front tire alot easier than mine cause of the added torque at lower RPM's provided by the dual carbs


92 xr600 at 6 to 10 thousand feet. Properly jetted. Front end would only come up with help (in first). Moved down to 1200 feet. Still jetted for colorado. Front end comes up in 1st and 2nd. stock filter. supertrapp exhaust (i.e. nothing special).

Try gearing your 600 from a 90 mph top speed to 70 mph top speed like the 450R has. It'll have a bit more snap and some stout compression braking.

Or, better yet, try gearing your 450R to a 90mph top speed and see if the front end on the 450 comes up at all.


good point. I never really considered gearing. As for the 450, I like the rockestship like performance. Sometimes a bit too much. I have 14/46 on the 600. Guess my problem is solved. Thanks for the advice. JL

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