Hub Update

hey everyone...i posted a message a couple of weeks ago about my rear hub on my 06 450. The bearing just fell out when i took the tire off (on the sprocket side). Well i just got a call back from the dealer that i bought the bike from. He contacted yamaha, and they are hooking me up :censored: . Even though the bike was bought in late July. The hours were low due to our unusual winter here in colorado (under 30 hours). They are sending out a new hub, and also paying for the labor to put it back together and on my bike. The person i talked to at the shop said that yamaha told him they did have a bad run of hubs, but still no service bulletin at this time. I'm so thankful for a good shop close to my house, and for choosing blue!

just thought i would pass this along!

That's good to hear how Yamaha stands behind their bikes like they did with the valve recall on the 250F's last year.

Well do not jump the gun so quick...other regions are not getting this level of customer service....but to everyone that is having hub need to call your dealer and let them know that the dealers in Co are at least going to bat for their customers on this hub issue

Which dealer are you using in Colorado? Give em some props...

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