drz400e to 07 wr450f

Hey guys, you sick of seeing these bike comparison thread yet? I am thinking very seriously of moving from my DRZ400E to a 07 wr450 but am leary of buying such an awesome piece of machinery. I know the WR line is very reliable but I am wondering if there are going to be any suprises from moving from a DRZ to WR that I may not like. I realize al this stuff is very subjective but if any of you guys have any insight into this I would really appreciate it since it is a HUGE purchase for me. Thanks :censored:

Where are you in Colorado? I just got my WR 450. I haven't ridden it yet. Bring your DRZ to Pueblo sometime, and we can compare it to the WR out at PMI. I am moving up from an XR400. Can't wait to try it out! :censored:

I've ridden a DR-Z, and I'm gonna say the weight and suspension are gonna be WAY better than what you're used to. But that is just a guess. the DR-Z and my XR with an A-Loop kit and a pipe felt kinda similar to me. Maybe a little top heavy, but by no means slow. Although I am willing to bet with a few mods, my XR will seem very slow by comparison.

Oh, and it will look and feel small compared to the DR-Z

Just moved up from a KLX400 aka DRZ400 to a wr450. Before the mods I felt bad but after the free mods no comparison. The WR is much stronger, feels a lot lighter, and the way the WR handles is great, and I am one happy guy. I ride the mountains in western N.C. mostly single track with black mud and roots and no way would I trade back. Good luck!

I have a DR 650 and have also ridden some friends DRZ400's. I also have an 05 WR450. In my opinion, the advantages of the DRZ are mostly when ridden long distances or on the road. It's motor is less stressed and not quite as tempermental at the WR. The WR is a competion based machine while the DRZ is not. The WR needs a little more maintenance than the DRZ, but not by a lot. Both of them are good for what they are intended, but they are intended for different things. For anything off road, the WR is better in almost every aspect.

Thanks for all the quick replies guys. I got the itch for a wr bad!

CSS9961, I am in Castle Rock and would definetly be up for meeting up with you at PMI for a ride. I haven't been there yet and I am getting cabin fever from all this snow. :censored: I am going to start checking the regional forum and see when PMI is going to ridable. I have one or two small things I need to do to my DRZ before I hit any trails but I am hoping to have it ready by the end of this week. :ride:

Sounds good. Let's keep an eye on the weather, and maybe we can get together next weekend.

I'll have to find a way to transport my bike. I sold my POS '73 Ford F-250 last summer, and I don't have a trailer yet.

Also, I'll still be in the break-in period, so we won't be able to wring it out yet. :ride:

Ah, who am I kidding... I ride like a wuss anyway.:censored:

Sorry about those duplicate posts (removed) It looked like the site was not responding to anything. Just shut down, and figured none of them went thru.

Crazy crazy interweb!

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