crf vs yzf

I rode an 04 CRF450R today after not being on one for a while and it was the crappiest turning hunk O' poop I've been on in a while. To say that the front end pushed would be an understatement.


2) The 03' thru 05' models don't corner as well as the Crf's of those years,

That's arguable. They certainly don't like to be turned in hard and quick, and they're harder to "flick", but if there's a good edge going around the outside, or the corner is just plain big enough, they'll do that with the best of them. Unfortunately, modern "MX" has mostly eschewed the big corner for the sake of putting more turns into a smaller space.

The CRF does cut and pivot kind of cornering much better. The older YZF would rather rail a big sweeper with the gas on.

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