What type of Motor Oil Shoud I use in my bike?

I was talking to an old friend the other day and we decided to do some riding this upcomming weekend but I said I need to change the oil in my bike since it hasnt been changed in three rides and he told me he's been using a synthetic motor oil made by Mobil or Castrol (whatevers cheapest at the time) and changes it every year or so and he rides about once a month. He has a 99 thumper and it purs like a kitten. This guy takes good care of his toys and his bike runs good as new , I was under the impression he changed it as often as the rest of us . Has this guy discovered something or am I just out of the loop, I would like to not have to change my oil as often but dont want to sacrifice the life of my bike any input would be appriciated.

I have been using the motorcycle specific Castrol Synthetic that sells for about $16 per gallon. I changed it at 50 miles, then every 100 miles since. It has about 400 miles on it now and it still runs and shifts like brand new. It probably shifts better now than when it was new. The oil has always come out nice a clean with very few aluminum particles. The Castrol seems like a good deal compared to the $5 to $8 per quart stuff like Red Line.

I think most of the riders in here use Mobil 1 15/50. That's what I use and I've had no problems at over 5000 miles. :)

Mobil 1 15W/50 automobile oil. It DOES NOT have the gas conserving additive you are required to avoid.

This is a very hot topic. I use Yamalube 20W-40 and change it every 2-3 rides depending on how much time I put on the bike. I like to think I get about 3-5 hours of run time.

Every time I change my oil, I change the oil filter. Every time there are metal fragments in the filter. The thing that concerns me is that going a year at a time between oil changes, even at once a month, means twelve rides. There would be alot of debris in the oil filter. If the filter would get clogged, the oil would then use the bypass and avoid the filter completely. That would be NO GOOD for the bike and/or the wallet.

I have no problems with people using whatever oil they want but........it still has to be changed frequently.


I have to second Ernie on this. I get metal frag in my filter every time I change the oil (which is every other ride or about 5-6 hours of ride time max). Going on the bypass circuit is BAD, VERY BAD.

IMHO, I think that 99% of us change the oil well before its properties have been depleted so I don't spend big bucks on "motorcyle oils."

This has been debated a lot, use whatever makes you feel good but change it often as keeping an eye on what's going on inside the engine (by means of the filtration system) is good practice.


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