07 WR Vent hose Leak

I had a quick question about my 07 WR 450. The vent hose from the gas cap leaks onto the front fender while bike is being ridden. I have changed the hose and one way valve and it still leaks. It does not matter how much fuel is in the tank, always the same effect. When the bike is turned off you can hear the fuel "bubbling" in the vent hose. Never seen this happen before or heard of this problem but hopefully someone has an answer to it.

Check the one way valve, it could be upside down. The only times I have heard gas bubble like your talking about, the valve was on backwards. But that still dosen't explain the extra overflow of gas, not sure if I was much help. But on the bright side it's Friday and it rained all day. Time to ride dirty... Jeff S

i have seen this before ,it was a bad gas cap. good luck.

Thanks for the info. I will try a new gas cap.

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