95 XR600 Fork Spring Question

Hey Guys & Gals if present,

I got a question on the front fork springs on my Bros XR600. The previous owner had dicked with the spring rate, he was around 300 lbs. :ride: He went to heavier spring rates and added a 4" piece of PVC for mondo preloading. My question is, did the stock fork spring set up consist of two fork springs, one long and one short. :censored: The reason I am asking is because now there is only one spring and this damn PVC pipe. The damn bike looked like a chopper with all the preload and was not balanced front to rear at all. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Dano #13 Masters :lol:

Hehehe, that guy must be my twin. I still have the stock ones & only have one piece. I had to use the beefy ones with long spacer also.

Up to and including the '90 model XR600R, the fork spring consists of two pieces, one long one measured at 577mm (22.717") and a short one at 62mm (2.441"), measure unloaded. After '90, a single spring is used, unloaded length 570mm (22.441"). Although it doesn't work as well as a spring of the proper rate, it is pretty common for heavier riders to use the PVC pipe spacers to stiffen the front end. If you weigh much over 175-180# with riding gear on, the stock spring is not quite up to the task.

Creeky & Bork,

Excellent guys, thanks for the info. I think if I cut the PVC back to about 1/3 of the original, I should be pretty close. XR's, The Pocket Watch of the Trailbikes, takes a licken and keep on ticken!



How much do you weigh? If he has heavier springs, shortening spacer will help a little but the spring will still have a different rate. Also the oil viscosity is a factor.I run ATF for cars, as I heard it was approx 10wt opposed to 5-7 wt for stock oil.


Thanks for the info. I have one more question, what is the oil level on the forks when servicing? Is it around 5 inches down from the top of the fork like most of the other models?



I cant remember, there is a range listed in the manual. I beleive I put my level on the high side cause of my figure.Hehe Do you have a service manual?

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