All mods a necessity???

My 07 runs awesome with ample power with the throttle stop shortend, ais removed, and pea shooter removed. I like the idea of keeping the snorkle for water crossings. If i dont go with an after market pipe do I really need to rejet, fuel needle, and gray wire? Too late for rad braces,:ride: now I need radiator! Fun bike, Hope it stays that way!:censored:

Oh NO! Sorry to hear that, man... :ride:

If you like the power it makes, leave it alone. (Although maybe you should check the plug to see if jetting is correct, I guess) And can't you put the x-tra air box parts back in if you don't notice a difference?

Enjoy the bike. I know I will enjoy mine.... Once the weather gets better.:censored:

The "snorkel" isn't for water crossings, it's a noise abatement/EPA device. You've increased the fuel, now increase the air. And yes, you need to rejet unless you live above 8000 feet...SC

Thanks for making me feel dumb. It sure looks designed to keep water out. I'll take you're word as the gospel, mighty thumper moderator, and remove it to the bag with my tail light and ais crap!

Well, my word ain't quite gospel and I didn't mean to make you feel dumb. If you read the March issue of Dirt Bike, they've got a good couple of articles on the '07. It's worth a couple of reads along with the forum stickies. Then you'll be as smart as me :censored:...SC

Thanks Trojan Man! You moved me. I've been lazy and putting it off but after hearing back from you I motivated and finished the job. Removed the snorkle, installed new pilot jet and jet needle. Also dissconnected gray wire. Got her all back together and test rode great! Real ride in the morning. March Dirt Bike has'nt hit the shelves here yet so i followed the instructions on the gytr ais kit. Amazing what can happen around here when i put the pipe down. ty

If you put the pipe down, you'll prolly need to re-jet! :censored:

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