98 yz 400f carb HELP

ok first off i was helping a buddy rebuild his 98 400 carb. well it had been sitting so long a BLACK widow spider made a nest in it, NO JOKE. Well upon taking out the carb slide it fell on the ground and one of the little rubber wheels fell off and broke. now the main question, either what other carbs work on that bike, OR where can i find just a carb slide or a whole carb, looking to spend around 100 TOPS.....?? PLEASE HELP

I also have a 98 WR400 and decided to replace the stock carb with an Edlebrock carb. have been very happy with the change. The old FCR got so corroded in the small passages, I could not make it run well on the pilot circuit. The stock carb is over $1000 from Yamaha, got the Edlebrock for around $350. I think I stuck my old FCR away somewhere in my garage, but not sure I still have it. I can take a look if you want just the slide. Howeve, I would suggest you get rid of the FCR and get a good carb.

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