Would you rather haul your bike in a truck or trailer

So, which would you rather do...

Haul your bike around on an open trailer or in the back of a truck??

I may buy a pickup truck, but could also just buy a nice trailer.

I am looking for advice from people who have done both, do both, or used to do both and have gone one way or the other.

Pros and Cons? Is a truck better than a trailer??

Open trailer meaning no sides? I like hauling bikes in our truck because it is just easier but if we have a lot of bikes to haul its only possible with the utility trailer...

I find a truck way easyer to deal with than a trailer.

An enclosed trailer is the best-curse the day I sold mine. Its a portable garage,camper and change room. At least I have a canopy for when it rains.

I've done it with both. I prefer to carry the bike(s) in the truck. I used to landscape and pulled the trailer every day. Manuevering isn't a problem, personally I'd just rather go through loading into my lifted truck than deal with the PITA trailer.

Elsinore track was the first track that I have ever gone to. The day we went, my mom was karting my bikes around in an inclosed trailer--when we came up to the enterance, there was this fence, in which my mom hooked the trailer on and pulled it down!! I would much rather just throw the bikes in the back of a truck.

The best set up I have ever isn't a truck or a trailor. My friend has a Ford Explorer and one of those bike carriers on the back. All your gear stays put in the big cargo area, your bike is a breeze to load, and your gas tank loads on the back too. :censored:

I have a 3 rail motocycle trailer I use all the time... tows like it's not even there... Can take my bike or one or two buddies... I get to use my little Explorer to save gas at 22 MPG... and for a quick over nighter I can sleep in it... I own an F150 lifted 4x4 short bed and an F250 4x4 stock height long bed and a Toy Hauler... But the Explorer and the tiny trailer is still the simplest and quickest way around for me. Way easier to load bikes 10 inches off the ground.

I've hauled my bike in the back of a pick-up, on a 3-rail motorcycle trailer and on a hitch hauler. All in all I just prefer the bed of a pick-up. My current mode is a hitch hauler behind my SUV, it's lightweight, easy to manage and I have no complaints. On the other hand, I'm seriously considering buying another pick-up just for hauling my bike. Life just seemed so much simpler back in the day when I carried my bikes in the back of my truck. It's just hard to explain why.

The only downsides that I ever had with a bike in back of my truck were when I came home from a race or ride with a separated shoulder, broken wrist, back, colar bone or whatever. Unloading the bike was very hard to do.

I prefer a utility trailer with sides(though I've never tried an enclosed one.) It's low to the ground for easy loading. You can put gear, gas, etc. in the trailer as well. When you're not hauling bikes, you can haul whatever else you need. If you hook it to a truck or SUV, you still have a lot of clean, dry cargo room. You can lock the bikes to the trailer, and the trailer to something else if you need to drive the vehicle and leave the bikes behind for whatever reason. It's also good for landscaping and construction materials, lawn tractors, furniture, appliances, and a whole host of other things you'll never be able to carry on a motorcycle-specific trailer or carrier.

Though I have a trailer, I have been looking at single bike aluminum hitch mounted carriers for quick solo runs to the trails with the WR.

I live in a big city, so I have no room to store a trailer. Therefore, I haul bikes in pickups...and do it on a weekly basis. And I'm really okay with that...I didn't buy a truck to haul groceries. How do you carry camping gear in a Civic anyway?

If I lived in a rural area, I'd probably have a huge deisel truck and one sweet-ass enclosed trailer.

Well my 3 rail bike trailer has a bed I made that I throw on it in about 5 minutes that makes it a utility trailer... I use it to haul a single quad on occasion... I've used it to haul cement bags home from the store... My single Seadoo trailer converts to a dual quad trailer or a 4x7 flatbed in minutes... I've toyed with the idea of making stake bed sides for it too... But if you have no place to store it thats an issue.

Point is with a little creativity you can do just about anything with any trailer. Just find something cheap and go riding !

I've done both truck and utility trailer hauling. Finally, I went and got an enclosed motorcycle trailer. I'll never go back. It stores everything (tools, bikes, gear,) and I built a portable toilet in it too. Add tinted weld curtains to the back and you've got total privacy when you need it. :censored:

thats what my chevy was made for dirbikes and camping gear .

I much prefer a trailer. Espeicially if it has a tail gate you can ride up. It's a pita to get a bike in and out of the bed of a truck. Especially a lifted one like mine.

I just use my truck now. Back in the day I had a trailer. It (the utility trailer) was nice since it had a ramp and short sides, but mainly because it was so low it was super easy to roll or ride the bike in no matter how tired or beat up I was. I like the simplicity of just the truck now, but sometimes (mostly depending on the terrain) that ramp is kind of steep!


It all depends on what you need to do. Give yourself options.

I have a toyota pick-up for just me.

I have an f250 4X4 for me and one other.

I have a light aluminum trailer and a Town & Country van (with tow package) for day trips with more than two people.

I have a tandum axle 16 ft trailer for trips where I have a place to stay, and multiple people and bikes going.

I have a 24ft encolsed trailer that we use as a camper for when the whole family (6 of us) goes and we stay for a couple of days.

Easiest is the toyota,...... but the enclosed trailer is soooo sweet, no worries about tie downs flop'n in the wind, no worries about anyone walk'n off with your bag of ride gear. Place to change or sleep, spare set of tools makes it a portable garage....I LOVE my enclosed trailer.

I'll haul in my trailer and my truck depending upon the need. I like the trailer for security purposes, but the truck is nice for quick runs. More times than not, I'll haul w/ my trailer, just cause.

i would say trailer because if you ever fall and hurt yourself at the track... it much easier to load a bike into a trailer than a truck because you have to use more effort with a truck.... last year i broke my shoulder and collarbone and tore all the ligaments that held my shoulder up... and ofcoarse i was using a truck and had to load my bike one armed into the truck... it sucked

I have done both and I'll say that a truck is easier and cheaper....

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