Advice on a BRP

hello all,

I am a Red rider, currently on a CRF 450, but I want a BRP sooo bad..

I found one for sale,

A 2002 XR 650R

- Fat Bars

- Complete Pipe

- Desert Tank

- Set up for Scott's Stabilizer

The asking price is $3000 or best offer.

what do you BRP rider think? the pics look nice, havent seen it yet, going to look on monday..

What should I ask the owner about the bike? any advice, or price offerings... thankz!! :censored:

footpeg modification, look for general abuse, skidplate other than factory plastic one

A buddy of mine is looking for a 650 right now so I know what they are going for. If the bike is clean I think that is a good price.

It will probably feel slow compared to a CRF450R. Not sure if you have the X or the R.

When you ride, the back brake is important for setting up turns, then throttle steer after you initiate a little bit of rear wheel slide. Otherwise, it doesn't feel like it wants to turn sharp.

Being it's an '02, ask about the clutch bushing and the counter shaft seal. Both parts were updated during the '02 model year. If the bike was manufactured actually in 2002, I would bet it has the new parts. If it was made in 2001, it may still need the new parts.

Other than that, it may need a replacement thermostat (don't buy a Honda thermostat!), check the axle collars on both wheels, and buy an aftermarket foot peg bracket for the right side.

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