OK, I don't feel like I am devoting enough time for Thumpertalk:excuseme: , Let alone this

great XR forum,:censored::ride:

Anyone feel like they can handle this job:crazy: , Let me know or the Thumpertalk crew, Thanks, frankstr,

I have enjoyed doing it though, I have a neurological disease and latly it's been taking the toll on me and my time. :lol:

One day at a time, everyone..

Sorry to hear about the medical condition. Hope to hear that you are getting better. What is invovled? Is it just for the 600/650 portion? What is the pay, profit sharing, salary, perks, or a pat on the back?

frankstr - sorry to hear about your situation. Hope you start feeling better soon.

cleonard, any interest? I think you would be great for the postion given your experience with XRs and the fact that you have been on this site helping people for quite awhile now.

Hope you're well soon!

Thanks for the "get Well's" But there is no cure, Thanks for the thoughts.:censored:

I just take one day at a time and keep a positive outlook and to make the Dr's liars, LOL :ride:

Thanks frankstr

what type of neurological disease:(

Frankstr, may the Lord above bless you with a cure, and that you live a long and happy life with your new bride. Keep your chin up and a smile on your face, and most of all get out there and ride some! That will help keep you smiling and all your thoughts positive. I praise you for the job you have done on the forum! I always see where you have welcomed new members and have responded favorably to many, many others. Please keep us all posted on how your doing! Take care:applause: :censored::ride:

I am newly entered and have problems with your language, this message unfortunately I have understood him well.

I am very sad for this, I know you thanks to this forum, I have appreciated your kind and polite interventions.

My hope is that you and your relatives can face the problems with strength and courage,

I send you a hearty regard.

Piero, an Italian friend.

Hey Frankstr. Sorry about your health problems. MS or something like that? Pretty common up here in the NW. Hope all your troubles just make you stronger. I'm with Rebelventurer. May the Lord bless you & keep you.

Thanks everyone, And yes it has all made me stronger:foul: , It's M.S. diagnosed almost 4 years ago, I take no pain meds or any drug as far as that go's.:ride:

I have but quit it all 8 months ago.

I am getting Married, Valentines Day:thumbsup: , She is a great Woman and takes very good care of me, It has made a big difference in my world.:censored:

One of my goals is to keep riding, But I can not ride street bikes anymore.

It's all good though, One day at a time.

This is a great spot to make friends and just to learn and share,:lol:

Thanks again, God Bless


Frankster, I've read enough of your threads to believe you to have a good heart (as do the vast majority of those on this good forum).

In any case you just got added to my o-fishul prayer list. And I suspect you're on many prayer lists.

I am happy for you regading your primo Valentines plans. Our very best to your bride.

All any of us have is "one day at a time". It is good to remember that simple fact and live accordingly.

May God bless and keep you and your mate, Friend.


I havent read or posted here in a while...going through a divorce..moved...have an awesome new love in my life, getting her into riding etc.

So coming back into the TT world and reading this, is pretty sad news say the least. I also think your a great person with a huge heart Frank...from what you have always shared with us here. I am very happy to hear you have a great new woman in your life to love you and care for you. I know that can make your life much more meaningful and lasting. Keep your faith, know that your life has a purpose and enjoy each moment with pride. We got your back man.

I wouldnt mind becomg a moderator, have offered my services once before. I would dedicate some free time each day to help around here and have done so on other boards. If I am considered just pm me for more info.

Best of luck Frankster...hang in there and keep us posted how your doing,k


Hey franstr not really sure what to say but...Thank you, stay strong and remember you are amoung friends here a TT buddy :censored:

Haven't been around much lately but I figured I'd jump in on this post. Good luck to you Frank and your battle with M.S. What made you stop treatment? There are some great advancements out there for your condition. Don't lose hope or give up bro! Congrats on the wedding. Ride on.

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