Which One is Better?

So SC,

Did you like your Dr. D or what? I have just purchased the Power Core 4 with the power bomb header and will be putting my JD jet kit on at the same time. I will let all know how goes it!!?!! Jason

Best pipe so far! It's solid, well crafted and as good if not better than the Ti PowerCore was on the power. The best part is that it's not made of beer can thin metal...SC

hey Clark,

I heard that the Dr. D needed to be removed for changing the oil filter - Is that true even with the FMF powerbomb on there? Jason

Nope. The Dr. D header is what causes the clearance issues, not the can. Although, I've heard that there is a bit of play in the head flange, so when you bolt the header down, you can position so it just clears the upper oil filter bolt, but I've never verified...SC

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