Vapor Installation

Any tips on how to connect the power to the Vapor unit? I am running a Baja Kit and see a couple of options, curious on how others have connected it.


I went to the batt.

It took me a couple hours to install.

Power - I spliced into the headlight which is wired for always on on my bike. The power can run off of 4-400V AC or DC. The trail-tech backlighting illuminates as soon as it gets power. You can probably splice into the coil power supply if your headlight switches off, or from high-beam to low beam where the low beam switches off. FYI - my battery does not charge on the bike. Lame. It is one of the earlier 2000 or 2001 XR650R baja kits. My other XR650R does charge the battery.

Tach - Wrapped the tach signal (red wire) around the spark plug wire near the coil 10 times, covered with electrical tape and then zip tied the tape. Cut black wire to length for a eye-loop crimp connector and then fastened under coil mounting bolt.

Temp - Spliced into the water hose near the head, but it was difficult to get the hose clamps on (rubber hose had to be squished down and foreced into the hose clamps). I did not drain the coolant. Instead, I parked over some dirt and cut the hose with a razor blade per the directions. I filled the coolant at the radiator fill cap afterwards. It might take a couple heating/cooling cycles to get all the air out of the system, so watch your temp and overflow tank.

Speedo - rotor bolt did not work so I drilled the rotor with a small drill (1/8") and then followed with a 3/8" drill. Magnet passes near lower side of sensor as it hangs from caliper bracket. Follow trailtech instructions for caliper bracket location. I still need to verify the speed accuracy with my GPS.

Great info. Got everything on and working except power. Ended up spending most of the day fabbing a mount. The handlebar mount that came with the unit is pretty sad. But the unit seems to work pretty well.

Another FYI -

I verified the accuracy of the Trailtech Vapor that is supplied as a Honda XR kit to be within 1MPH of accuracy comparing with GPS. I'm running a new stock size front tire.

Also, if you add a sensor after the initial hook-up on the trail-tech, you need to press and hold the "left" and "Mode" buttons to reset the computer so it looks for the additional sensor. I'm not sure if this is also the case for a power hook-up, but I found this helpful as I installed the coolant sensor 1 rde after installing the vapor.

I bought the protector (top mount?) that mounts under the forward handle bar clamp screws. Fits nice.

One more thing...

The red speedo magnet was installed on my rotor with epoxy and the circlip. I used the epoxy to make sure that it would not wiggle in the sloppy 3/8" hole that I drilled.

I've got a '94 XR250L but the only Vapor kit I see is one for the 650L. Anybody know if this will fit with my brake caliper/rotor?

I've got a '94 XR250L but the only Vapor kit I see is one for the 650L. Anybody know if this will fit with my brake caliper/rotor?

Yes it will work.

yeah, that bar mount they come with is a POS. i had a lot of problems @ hiway speed with vibration affecting the lcd display. a short, rigid bracket solved it.

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