Hebo fluid change, any advice??

Tonight I decided to change the fluid in my Hebo unit because I noticed some muck inside the slave cylinder (I hope that doesn't mean I have a leak). Anyway I pulled the unit apart and cleaned everything good. When it came time to put new fluid back into the master that's where the confusion set in. I relied on the old "pump and bleed" technique but after twenty minutes it got really old when nothing happend. I thought it would be just like a car but im dumbfounded why I couldn't get it right. It seems as though no fluid is getting down to the slave cyliner and I have no clutch, Any advice???

Fersh has some good info. You can also open the bleeder on the slave cylinder and wait (read: have a cold one) until fluid drips out and then re-start your bleeding.

Bill :)

Thanks guys! I'll give it a try!!

Hey Dan After I broke my sight glass (rock got past handgaurds, replaced with custom made aluminum plug) the only way to bleed it was the back bleed. Yes it is alittle messy but it works. It also works better if you have 4 hands. Good Luck.

Ride Often And Ride Safe :)

Dan try reverse bleeding. You probably have an air pocket in the master. Get a syringe and inject the hydralic fluid up through the bleed nipple. Works like a charm. I get my syringes through a vet supply joint. Attach some pvc tubing to the end and voila, a reverse bleed tool for under $2.



Uncle, It's a good thing my neighbor is an octopus, I'll have him come over and well back bleed the thing tonight. I like the fuel line to bleeder valve using the syringe (idea. Im suppose to use dot3 right? I've got some Motul hi-temp stuff. Will that work?

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