2000XR600R, it WAS converted to DS, but, the previous owner really hacked it up, so it converted back to stock. I plan to get a brighter bulb for the front, and already have an Acerbis LED tail/brake lite. As of NOW the tail and head lite are being powered by (correct me if I'm wrong) AC system. When I want my BRAKE light to work, I will need a battery (DC) correct? So, I came across this. Baja Designs Nicad Wired Dual Sport Battery. BD-120315. It looks like a pack of AA batteries shrink wrapped together. This setup SHOULD work, correct? I already have the Niissin switches installed and wired in. The battery in mention SHOULd be all I need to run my brake lite, correct? I am going to do some more searching, I just figured I would ask for my particular scenario. Thanks, and take it easy. I deploy a lot, so its hard for me to remember what I have done and need to do to my bikes without writing it all down, or coming in here and searching all my past posts. Thanks again JL

I was going thru my wiring diagram and remembered that the PO had it wired so that the battery was not charged from the bike, rather than a battery charger. It (the battery)was wired into the bikes lightning system, but, the job was done poorly. So, I gather that WITH the battery, I will have dim-able headlite and brake lite will come on. Now, how to wire in the NEW battery, so that the bike charges it. Got a link for a good diagram? Again, dont need turn signals or any other electrical needs (yet) like GPS, etc, just head, tail, brake lites only. Thanks, sorry for all the confusion. I'm TRYING to remember.....been almost a year.

Good luck. I think you may need a rectifier to change the power from AC (from the stator) to DC for battery charging. The lights will run off either AC or DC, but you can't hook AC up to the battery. You will also need a voltage regulator to keep it at 14V or so. I wish I could help you more.

You will need a voltage regulator/rectifier in order to keep the battery charged.

I have high/low beam & tail/brake on stock ac with no battery. Just NO lights when engine off. You can PM me on details. I'm in Fl also.

A battery is only required to keep your tail light running when motor off. Here in Cali, legally you need to run one. I built an already converted XR650 to DS with a 200 watt stator and no battery. It will run all lights at once (halogen)but the horn is weak. If I get pulled over- I will try to convince the cops that my battery is dead- if they even know the law.

Saves on weight and hassle.

yeah, that is what i am looking for. I dont care if the lites stay on or not while sitting. I live in the Redneck Riviera, and the popo has other things to deal with here. I think I should be OK with my stock stator and the head/tail/brake lite only setup. I kept ripping the damn turn signal lites off anywho. Thanks again. JL

Like the others said, you don't need DC to run a brake light, you only need a tail light with dual filliment and the banjo brake switch which you already said that you have. If you put a higher wattage bulb in the stock headlight, you will melt the headlight lense. You need a headlight with a glass lense.

A battery will act as a ballast to keep the lights from dimming when the horn and/or the brake light is operated, especially at low engine speeds.

I must have agremlin then, I dont have a brake lite...I'll do some troubleshooting. I know that my LED setup does in fact have a tail and brake lite setup, because when wiring, I touched one of the 3 wires with the hot lead (bike running), and determined which was brake, which was tail. Might be my Banjos then... Thanks again. JL

Do you know how to use a test light?

ha ha funnny...I had one that day, it was broken. I now have a new shiny one that works. thanks for the chop busting;)

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