engine noise in bottom end 2000 xr 650r?

just looking to buy this 2000 xr 650r. it has a mechanical noise coming from the bottom end of the motor. the owner says it's common for this model to have this noise. has anyone ever heard of such a thing?


Depends on what the noise sounds like... For the most part, yes, some noise is common on these, esp when they are cold. When they warm up, the noise should go away...

Can you describe what the noise sounds like? Did it go away when it warmed up?

sounds like some sort or grinding noise or something. It sounds the same hot or cold. seems to be consistant with the rpm's?

The engine noise from these bikes is crazy, but they are bulletproof.Mine is so loud I've just been waiting for it to blow, but 6000 miles later it still rips as strong as when I got it.Unless it's a REAL loud knocking, it's most likley normal noise for that engine..........

The kickstarter makes noise if the bike is really cold or has not been run in a while. It sounds like a fishing reel when a fish is taking the line out. Kind of a buzzing mechanical sound. 20 minutes of running and it should go away.

If it sounds more clanky, then it could be ok to bad. My 2000 sounds clanky and it still rips, although the oil gets dirty in one ride. I think it needs a rebuild.

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