seized swingarm bolt

Nursing a broken wrist so i have a little time. I can't get the swingarm bolt out, the swingarm moves freely and there isn't any wobble or play in the bearings. What if I just forget about it for now and wait for the offseason? What could go wrong? thanx for your help.

If there is no play or wobble, why are you trying to take the bolt out?

I was going to grease the bolt and bearings, guess I was a little neglegent in my grease routine.

First use some penetrating oil. Let it sit. Then if it still doesn't come out, beat it into submission. I use a 3/8 socket extension. It's just the right size to push the swingarm bolt through.

One thing that you might want to look out for with a stuck bolt is that if you beat on it too hard the bolt will mushroom. I know from experience. I had to cut the frame to get the engine out to switch it over to the other frame. Have fu, Tony

Heat/brass punch.

I guess my BFH was not calibrated for the necessary torque that was needed. Mine would not budge. Tony

you will have to drill it,head bolt was broken off,no matter how much pounding

it didnt want to may bend with time, because its a hollow bolt if i remember correctly.

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