I stopped in at Pep Boys today, to pick up some Rotella 15w-40 after hearing great comments about it, and I also wanted to try and ride tomorrow in 30 degree weather, and Yamalube 20w-40 is just to thick. Anyway, everyone recommended the white jug 1 gallon Rotella, but when I looked at the composition, I think it showed sj and some other designations, so I wasn't sure if it now has Friction Modifiers in it. The Yammi manual recommends SG designation, and the Rotella label seemed ambiguous.....anybody know the scoop on this stuff?? I ended up not buying it since I wasn't sure if I was going to get clutch slippage (2004 Yz450f)....I think it was marked Rotella T.

any help appreciated.

YOu will be fine, I have been using this oil for 3 years with no clutch problems ever...

It is compatible with wet clutches, and most C graded oils are SG/SH equivalents regardless of how else they are labeled, except for possibly reduced ZDDP levels.

Rotella does shear out of grade rather quickly, however, so change it often.

Thanks guys for the info......

I just wasn't sure if either Rotella had changed their composition, or if Pep Boys maybe had their own blend made up for them.

I actually committed blasphemy by stopping at a Honda dealership, when I left PepBoys, and I got two quarts of Honda (10w-30) GN4....I hope this stuff will be o.k. to run, before I start using the Rotella. I'm not very familiar with Honda's oils, but the counter guy said it's totally compatible with the clutch. I just wanted something to run hopefully for 30 degrees out.

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