07 xr 650l mods jetting/slipon/desmoggin

just thought i,d let to whom it may concern about the mods i made on my 650l thumper.

i put a uni filter on,dynojet kit(55 pilot jet/165 main jet/clip position third from the top/dynojet shorter spring ,drilled the slide with 5/32 bits/put on a big gun evo/x slipon, pulled the smog stuff off per instructions from ims. I removed the charcoal canister and ran vent hose from crankcase to air box to see what problems this would cause to the idle. Ive read that idle fluctuations occur with this set, up but my bike seems to purr like a kitten?????? results seem perfect.:censored: any feedback would be great on other set ups that work good.

Welcome to TT. Sounds like you have it about right.

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