Bought me an 07 WR450 today

Well, I got the dealer to put a "Sold" tag on it, anyway.:censored:

I was working a dealer open house today & said to a friend that I hadn't bought a bike in over 1 1/2 years so maybe I had to get one. The owner walked by & I told him to get me a WR450. He had one on the floor that wasn't there last Wed! So, I got him to put the tag on.

I don't have it yet, don't know the price, don't know what I'm going to trade for it (probably my son's CRF150), and don't know when I'm getting it. But it's mine! Piffling details to be worked out later!

My 16 yr old is getting my KLX400 that I just DS'ed (up from his XR250), and my 14 yr old is moving up from the 150 to the 250. So, I needed a new one!! Anyway, aside from the above-mentioned details, it's mine all mine!!!

Gonna be some fun!

Congrats. I just bought one my own self. haven't ridden it yet. Here's a pic for you!



I know I really like mine. Can't wait to ride it more...

Dang!...I need a truck too!


Move to Cali. Ride all year. Wish mine still looked that nice. Rode her hard today and i'm happy with all mods. After opening the air box the compression is increased big time. Almost went over the bars on decel. Had to get used to riding it all over again.

Congratulations,those bikes look nice,been eyeing the WR's myself...

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