Will the lighting equipment of the YFZ450 quad fit on the YZ450f motor??

Just curious, would the lighting equipement of the 450 quad (coil, distributor etc) work on the bike motor? in theory they are the same motor more or less right???

if not, how much do aftermarket lighting kits run?? (for trail and street legalization purpouses)

No. The Quads to date use the basic same ignition case, etc., as the '03-'06 WR450, which has different crankcase than the YZ450. No part of it will fit any YZ450, regardless of year. The only cover, stator, or flywheel that will fit an '03-'05 YZ450 is the one made for it. The '06/'07 YZ450 appears to be able to accept the ignition cover and stator from an '07 WR450, but the left crank axle is different, and a WR crank may be required to use the WR flywheel.

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