anyone use communicators when they are out on the trail? lets here some inputs on how they work

anyone use communicators when they are out on the trail? lets here some inputs on how they work

As in Radios?

If so... use'em all the time. And I definitely have my opinions on what works... and what is a waiste of money. :censored: Could you clarify "communicators"? before I write a book.

You can Pm me that book if you would like. Would be interested in your opinions about all the different types of communication!

No need to PM...

I'll spit out a high-level.

RADIOS - Yaesu VX170 ($120)

HELMET SPEAKER/MIC setup - Baja Designs ($185)

(comes W/ PTT for handlebars)

I've used a BUNCH of other brands, styles, and ideas... and have always ended up with this setup. I've even tried throat mics. ...nothing compares to the above.

They key to a headset is the mic. The mic used in most high end headsets is honestly the best part of the system. Talking at speed, or with a motorcycle exhaust (when your on the gas especially) isn't something too many mics can handle. Especially VOX. PCI race radios also makes a similar if not same headset/mic system as BajaD. Cost is a bit more.

Anything else I've used... doesn't last, or sounds like garbage.

yes radio communicators,I ride alot with my son and it sure would be nice to talk while we ride

When I am out with the family (wife and two kids) we use them.

We use MotoComm MC headsets/PTT switch ( with Motorola T6500 GMRS/FRS radios.

We're happy with that setup playing in the woods.

I thought I saw something one time about a wireless PTT button. Anyone?

I use a Garmin GPS model, can't remember the exact one but it has a radio built in among other things. I clip it to one of my camel back straps and don't use a VOX mic just yet. I just reach up and push the button to talk. It's close enough to my mouth to work well and hear. Works great but you have to stop or at least be going slow to use it. I've not heard of a VOX unit that works very well at speed. Just my 2 cents.

whatever you get make sure they use nexus connections not cheap RCA connections and make sure you have a quality mic. offers the best PTT holder and their radio is waterproof...I fully recommend them as the owner is a desert racer himself and uses his own equipment.

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