front brake drags

Front brake drags a bit spinning the wheel with bike on the stand. Should i be concerned and tear caliper/piston apart now? Rebuild?

Hold the front brake on to extend the pistons and spray the caliper with brake cleaner. Spin the wheel and apply brakes a couple of times. If the piston was a little sticky with grim it may clear up.

First I would flush the brake fluid. Second I would disassemble and clean. Good luck with your stickiness.

Start with a good flush. A slight rub is normal but does it slow down wheel fast? like a 1/2 a turn? Spin a coupls times first to get pads to spread a litle then see how fast it stops . Anyone else to compare it too? if I get mine up on stand I'll check for you, but presently my back is out & I lift my bike up on stand.

Thanks for the input, guys. Yeah, please let me know how yours compares, Bork. I'll pic up some brake cleaner tomorrow and try that first.

OK, As fast as I can manually spin by hand.= 4-41/2 turns . I put a piece of masking tape band thru spokes around rim & tire, so I could plainly see number of revolutions. Hope this helps. I think this mine is normal?

Thanks Bork, mine makes about 2 turns. I think I'll just tear into it. Getting the manual out.............

Some drag is normal--the pads should be kissing the rotor. Some pads drag more than others when their just kissing (or full-on braking for that matter).

I'm getting about 3 1/2 turns out of my 02' XR650R with new wheel bearings and an EBC big rotor kit. EBC pads too, I think. You can certainly feel the friction but I don't think there's much to do about it. My 95' CR250R goes more like 7 or 8 turns [shrug].

Years ago I had a CBR900RR with dual 4 piston calipers. They had what I thought felt like excessive kissing friction. I rebuilt everything with little change. I eventually came to the conclusion that the EBC HH pads I was running was the cause. The pads performed well enough that I ignored the brake drag. I figure what feels like a lot to your arm is probably only eats a small fraction of 1 HP.

hehehe , maybe I spin faster? BTW my rotor is slightly bent which may cause the puks to spread out alittle from the wobble action.

'98 XR650L

Anyone know exactly what I need to buy to refurbish my front brake caliper?

It sticks pretty badly. Is it necessary to replace it instead?

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