wr450f 05,06 vs 07

In short I have read as much as I could find. My question is, Is the new 07 WR450f worth the extra 1k (or more if looking for a good 05,06 used unit?) I have a WR426 right now, it is a bit heavy on top and no e button. I don't plan on selling it the new bike anytime soon, so I am not sure the resale value would be that great of a issue when I do sell it.

(Its kind of a ritual now when I ride with my buddy, he tells me to watch this, he presses the magic button on his red bike and I flip him off and then we ride.)

My riding is becoming more aggressive I tend to stay off the fireroads and ride mostly singletrack trails, with lots of rocks and with trees scattered through them. I realize with the two model changes the bikes have gotten lighter on the top side as well as having a flatter seat, but is the new 07 worth the full list price? It feels lighter even though it isn't in reality, on the showroom floor. Any thoughts?

Confused as to what model and year to get. I do know I want the e button.


If you get the '07, you can show it to your buddy and say "Watch this!" And he will be giving YOU the finger! :censored:

Farmerjohn, I hope you get some good answers to your question as I'm in the same situation. I can save about $1500 on the difference between a 06 and 07.

Everybody knows I'm a skeptic when it comes to the new '07 due to the aluminum frame, so there's no need for anyone to get their knickers in a wad. Thus far, it seems that the prediction regarding the difficulty in accessing the carb was right on the money. Considering the WR engine needs proper jetting to run as it was meant to, this is, at least to me, a big deal simply in the realm of convenience. The steel-framed models are much easier when it comes to carb access. Another pro of the pre-2007 WRs is availability of aftermarket and OEM parts. While there are truckloads of goodies for the older version, the 07's haven't yet begun to enjoy this access to the aftermarket, though it will come in time. Lastly, TT has amassed a huge wealth of info on the former generations of the WR, while the new one is still largely an unknown, but I'm certain that will eventually change with time as well.

FarmerJ, since you're currently on a 426, a switch to any of the 450's will likely be a big improvement. Given the green sticker issue, it's a good idea to stay with an 05/06, even if you don't live in California, because you just never know. When Yamaha puts out a bike with a proven EFI and an aluminum frame, I think my skepticism will abate, but we ain't there yet folks, so I'm standing steadfast with my original position.

Please keep in mind this is just my opinion and you know what they say about those. You '07-ers can flame me if you like, but I won't dignify any attacks with a response, so you may want to think twice about wasting the effort...SC

i agree with clark, even the 03/04 450's are a HUGE improvement in feel and COG as compared to the 400's and 426's

The money you save by buying the 06 can either go into your pocket, or into the new bike...

I seriously doubt anyone has even gotten their 07 jetted correctly and how would they even know unless they've spent days just changing jets........heck I have an 06 and spent months getting the jetting set right and its easy to access the carb. However I did mods along the way which would then change things again. If James Dean has found the correct jetting for a given configuration ie. pipe type, mods, etc., I would believe that.

For some reason I don't feel totally confident in the 07 bike, I think i might try to find a great deal on an 06 first unless i find a used unit in perfect condition with everything done to it.


I gave the new article in DirtBike on the 07 WR a good once-over the other night. There are some serious improvements over the older generation WR's. Wave rotors, new engine design, alum. frame with good flex, pro tapers. They even said it feels way lighter than the 06'. That is enough to sell me on one. Carb access? Yah that sucks for a while when you're jetting. When you're all set, who cares? That bike is sweet.

Allways nice to have the latest bike, not always economically wise though. Also consider that paying more now for an 07 will get you more back when you need to trade, soon the market will be flooded with 'old' steel frame WR's taht won't command a decent trade in value.

Thinking about trade in value on a dirt bike is like thinking about it for your old underwear. Unless the bike is immaculate, you're going to get hosed...SC

I sold my plated 01 WR 426 and bought the 07 and I can honestly say it was totally worth it (even with the plate issue). The 07 carves a tight line where the 01 would struggle. It feels so much lighter when riding that you really can't compare. Even my buddies KTM 450 feels heavier and HE's the one who said it! Try and ride one if you can before you decide.

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