Xr650r Rear Footpegs

I ordered rear footpegs for $130.00 from Fourstrokeworks.com about 2 months ago, and now their websight is gone, and I don't have their phone number. Does anyone have their phone number, and has any one purchased rear footpegs from them? Does any one know Jerry Leghton the owner, or any info? I would appreciate it, I'm looking forward to riding my kids on the back, as I have just finished dualsporting it this winter. Thank You Tim M.

Welcome to TT irene, sorry about your luck. Hopefully someone will get you the info you need. Though two months is a rather long wait, keep your chin up.

Call your credit card company and get your money back.

I payed paypal and their protection policy is only 45 days, so I might be out of luck Tim M.

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