Hotcams,do One Or Both?

I need some advice about 2 bikes, first my one,wr400 2000 yz timed etc..

I want to replace the exhaust cam to get the auto decomp and add a little zip.

Are there any down sides of not replacing the inlet cam as well? What have you


The other bike is an '03 wr450 wr timed and the same questions apply

One other thing, the wr450 blows a lot of oil out of the breather pipe,like it drips on the ground,using 15w50 syn oil, any ideas?


I chose to do both on my WR400. My decision was based on the fact that I really just wanted the auto-decomp, but figured, while I was doing it, I wouldn't hurt anything by installing the intake (and should hopefully gain)...

It runs MUCH better than it did before the cams, but it was definitely in a poor state of tune before then as well.

I am running the ex cam only in my 426 and I feel that it added some accel snap to the throttle response. I can't say about a bike with both cams installed, but if I had the cash at the time I did mine I would have done both. I am very happy with mine, however it did change the starting charactaristics on it. I had to learn it's quirks all over again, but once I did it has been like a dream. I would not go back. Hope this helps.


If you have the cash, do both, you won't be sorry (at least on the 426). I have both. The bike pulls like a WR down low, with a mid range hit and revs a lot quicker once int he midrange. The exhaust cam only will give you performance very similar to a YZ timed WR.

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