whos the tallest wr rider?

I am 6ft 7ins and 16 stone

How tall are you and what triple top clamp/handlebar are you using ? :D:D:):D

I'm 6'7" also. Im not sure what 16 stone is, but...

I use the 1 1/2" bar risers from Thumper racing. It helps by leaps and bounds and my cables are all stretched as far as they will go but I still could use taller.

:) Ahhh...not quite as tall as you...but heavier...17 stone for me and 6'1" BTW there are 14lbs to the stone for our American cousins! :D I run Renthal Dakar Medium bars,stock pegs with no problem. I am just about to try magnum taper bars and top yoke, with adjustment so I'll let you know, what difference it makes, as they are not too much coin from ORO in Wales!

Well, I am 6'6" and weight undisclosed :)

I would love to know the perfect (for me) combo of triple clamps, bars, seat foam... The problem I am having in getting that right is that I want to mount the Ohlins/Scott Steering damper, so that limits my choice of top triple clamp. As for bars, Protaper Pastrama Seems to be about the tallest and flattest I can get... Something like Guts Tall seat foam is also high on the list of things to get...

That is why I appreciate this Board so much - the experience others share of these products... Living in Australia, we certainly don't have all these whiz-bang products you guys in the US have easy access to... and to have them posted over as a one off order is the only way... That can be expensive, so it is nice to know that something actually works before placing the order.

If some of these products have got distributors in Australia, then they always feel like marking the products up too much anyway... :D

Living in a smaller town doesn't help - none of the bike shops carry a hug range of stuff, so often I do my own research here and then order it myself...


Somewhere I have pics of my TC/bar set up.....

'99 WR with Applied Racing TC, Thumper 1.5" risers, ProTaper Desert Hi bars AND a Scotts steering stabilizer. The Scotts is mounted using their 'universal mount' and the stabilizer is mounted 'backwards'. I had to drill/tap two holes in the TC to install the universal mount - no problem. The Thumper risers were the single best improvement I made - I can actually stand w/o my lower back screaming.

SFO - I know what you mean about going taller.... I'm always a bit jealous watching those short guys cruise under the downed trees & low hanging branches.

I'm only 6'4" so I guess I'm one of the short guys in this discussion.


That makes me 16.7 stones then! :)

:) He he...looks like none of us "Older Children" tip the scales anywhere near the "Average Rider" mark do we???? :D

Aren't you guys lucky!!! At least you don't have to find a high spot or shift side to side just to make your toes touch. At 5'8" I've fallen over a few times just trying to stop. At least I can ride without lowering the bike, any shorter and I'd be in real trouble. Sometimes I get jealous of you tall guys.

I wonder who is the shortest rider...

5'7" tall and about 200lbs, hey women like a little more cushin' for the pushin'. by the way, I can ride my bike without lowering it but there is no really good way to stop on the trail or uneven ground without crashing.



Man, what a freak show. :) I thought I was the only giant trying to fit on these things. I'm 6'7" 17.5 stone(245lbs). I run renthal Jimmy Button bend bars with 1.5" up and forward Thumper bar risers.

Anybody ride street bikes? What models? I have a 1995 Honda CB1000 "The Big One" that fits tall frames like ours.


I'm 6-4 and love the JB highs. Just got the guts tall seat foam, I'll know how the ergo's feel this weekend. I had the BD risers and didn't really like them, I felt I was fighting the bars way too much. I have the feeling I will want them back with the tall seat foam. On my list is lowering the footpegs, it sounds like a good mod.

6'8" here.

I run the protaper clamp with an RC fatbar.

I also have a thumper racing tall foam on the yz seat and lowered pegs.

Still can't stand up easy but its better.

If I make it any taller it will get hard to negotiate some of the norcal trail junk.

Hey Ronin, I got you beat in both cases 5'6" and a hair over 200. Before I had the seat shaved approx two inches I would fall over out in my parking lot with the kickstand down. Of course I was about fifty feet away from the bike at the time.


6' 5" or so... 13 stone... I have a topar adj. top clamp with Tag CR hi bars. I looked into dble highs, but the sweep looked too much for my bad wrist. I also use a scotts damper :) , so the thumper risers probably won't help me, but they look like a great idea!

My thoughts go out to all of you giants and barrels. I thought I had problems being 6 3 and being cramped on the bike!!

NVR FINISH : I'd really like to see a couple photos of the thumper risers and stabiliser mounting.

SFO : Whats the skinny on lowered pegs ? An inch or so lower pegs would be awesome !! Photos...how to ?

The peg mods have been covered a few times.

If you remove the bung that locates the return spring on the peg and weld it back onto the top of the peg you offset the pegs lower.

I just machinbged up new bungs to keep everything tidy and tig'd them onto the top of the peg.

Does that make sense?

Im 5'8 165. No I don't drive a Trans-Am to compensate.

Originally posted by Dan Lorenze:

Im 5'8 165. No I don't drive a Trans-Am to compensate.

How 'bout a big ol' lifted 4wd? You do live in TO - it's a requirement isn't it?

SFO - So where do I send my extra set of footpegs to have new bosses machined/welded :) I've already cut the barrel but don't have access to a welder. Seriously, I am kidding.

Missle - I'll try and take some new pics & email them to you. Might take a couple of days since my USB reader is giving me trouble.


Damn, this is like walking through the sideshow at the circus....... :) . 5'-8", 200# here. I'm going to have to start a midget thread here or something? Kevin, I'm surprised you haven't posted your prodigious height....... :D .


P.S. And yes I do have a lifted four wheeler :D .

SFO, how was the Baja trip?

[ January 16, 2002: Message edited by: Mike in Silicon valley ]

:):D REMEMBER.....your not too heavy...........

You're underheight for your weight! thats all! :D:D

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