Want info on '86 XR dual carb.

Hey everyone. Been kicking around the idea of buying an '86 XR BRP for sale here locally. Guy says it's cherry other than bent bars. Thought about making it into a spare dual sport ride. Any typical problems to look for? Guy sais it's a 600. Weren't they 500's back then?

No I think they started making 600s in the 85 model year. I looked at a dual carb when I got into XRs just didn't like the idea of twice as many carbs to mess with,got an 89 instead.

They are sometimes hard to start. When they run good they are faster than newer 600s.

Technically, the 600's were being made all the way back to 83, but that was in XL form. I think like daddyk said, that the XR 600's started to get made in about 1985.

The dual carb models were known for hard starting, like it was said. And, if they had been sitting for ANY length of time, you're probably going to have to take the carbs off and clean them out.

Other than the dual carb thing, just look for the usual XR wear and tear. Also, these bikes came w/ the factory enduro computer, although its RARE to find any bikes with that left on them.

P.S.- Where in WA is it? I know someone w/ that EXACT bike, and it wouldn't suprise me if he's selling me...

It's in Spokane on Craig's list. No pic available. Called the # this morning, left msg & no reply this afternoon so I'm assuming it's sold. Too bad. I'm going to keep looking for another big bore XR for a spare DS ride for my sons when they come over. Pre '00 models have no wording saying "for off road use only" on the title so they're easier to license here in WA.

I had a 85 and i thought it was a sweet ride. I never had a problem with anything at all. I now have a 96 600. My brother has an 84 xr 500 with the dual carbs and it can run with my 600 with the xr's only 630 kit and a hotcams stage 1 cam and a buch of other go fast goodies. i think my stock carb isn't up to the demand my engine needs.

The dual carbs flow better and perform better, but require a compitent tuner to get the full benifit out of them.

They changed back to a single carb because people weren't up to the job to tune them.

It was never a question of outright performance in the decision to revert to single carbs.

Figure out how to tune a dual carbed 600 and bask in the glow self satisfaction and suprisingly good performance.

Well I'm a bit if a tinkerer as it is so the dual carbs don't bother me. Been a while since being on an 80's era XR so I'm a bit concerned about the suspension & what it will handle. Nice looking bike though.

I had 3 different xr 600's (not all at once) an 86 87 and a 94. All of them had different ways of starting and everyone that I rode with there bikes were all 600's and they all seemed to be the same way. But once you figure your bike out they are no problem to start. The 600 was the most bullet proof bike I have ever had followed close by a KDX220 I had. And the 86 and 87 got ran hard every weekend. I never had any trouble out of the dual carbs really the only thing I ever did was replace the frame. Yeah I broke it. Damn Kentucky rock ledges:ride:

Well, if its in Spokane, then its not the guy I know...

And if your thinking about dual-sporting an XR here in WA, you'd better think again, unless you have family (or a good friend) just over the boarder in ID. Even though they may not have that exact wording, the DMV still doesn't like to make them street legal.

Yeah, I know it's not easy to DS a dirt bike in WA but I have lots of family just over the border. Still trying to decide on what to get. It was warm enough briefly yesterday to pull out the BRP & ride a bit. My son hopped on & really dug it. Now I'm wondering if he'd get bored on one that wasn't set up a bit more dirt oriented. Decisions, decisions...

BTW the bike of interest that started this thread in not in Spokane. Finally got ahold of the guy & the bike's in Omak. Guy said he broke his back last time he rode it going through a barbed wire fence. Sais the bike came out OK other than bent bars & minor scratches. I'm not so excited about it that I'm willing to drive 2.5hrs to see it & don't want to ask him to haul it this far in case it's not what I'm looking for. Seller seems like a nice guy & all.

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