mix n match exhaust ?????

i have a yoshi pipe on my wr 450 but stock header pipe has anybody ever mixed up companys before . i would like to see if i could get a powerbomb on the bike.anybody out there:excuseme: :censored:

I'd say that if the headpipe is sold seperate from the muffler that can be a slip-on, you could mix and match all you wanted. Its just a headpipe.

I asked a similar question a few weeks ago and was told that the stock silencer with work just find with an FMF Powerbomb header. If your Yoshi is close to stock in location and hook up, I'd say that you are good to go.

I have an FMF powerbomb with a DR.D silencer on my 03 WR450. It works just fine.

awsome thanks alot guys n gals:ride:

I have a GYTR slip on silencer on my '07 and it sounds,looks and pulls better than stock. The power bomb header is more for mx riding as it gives the bike a little more rpm when coming out of corners, but riding offroad you will not even notice the differance. Stick with the stock its good enough.




thankx murrey thats was the most helpful in my decision

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