Even trade???

Any of you headlight using WR426 riders want to trade an 18in rear wheel set up for my 19..excluding sprocket and rotor of course. I have been wanting to do this conversion but don't want to buy a rim and spokes then have it laced when there might be a lucky soul in this forum just craving to have a 19in set up grace the back of their bike. Let me know..post, pm, or email jsteve15@sprintspectrum.com

maybe... I have a 2k... and do a lot of MX, but also a lot of woods... I will consider it. :)

You'd be CRAZY not to..hehe Are the axles and spacers compatible if they are not from a 426 to a 426? I thought the 400's were a different set up? Anyone...Bueller? :)

Still wondering... :)


Jason, there's been several Excel rims on Ebay lately, check it out they may have what you want.........TW

Somebody help this poor soul!! It's his last attempt to challenge me in the woods and feels the 18" rim will do it. :) You should see the sadness in his roost-filled goggle eyes...it's enough to make you hangup riding all together...

Come on, Scott has just advised me of the new 140/18 S12 he is now about to mount up and my bike is in need of the same treatment. Again just looking to trade, you keep your rotor/sprocket and I keep mine..simple right? :)

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