Fork pinch bolt torque settings?

I'm going to reset the fork tube height on my 04' yz450f. The manual lists 17 ft/lbs for the upper triple clamp, and 14 ft/lbs for the lower pinch bolts. Are these the corect pinch bolt torque specs??

I heard some of the torque specs can be incorrect in the manual, so I want to make sure.

Thanks any help appreciated.


Those are the right numbers. The lower one gets less torque because there is no internal support at that point as there is at the top, where the cap plug is screwed in.

Thanks gray,

One last question...I'm currently at the first line (5mm i think?) If i raise the fork tubes about 2 or 3 mm, will that affect my sag rate?? I'm thinking it's negligible, but I figured I'd better ask.

The rear sag? It depends. If you raise forks to lower the front end for the purpose of making the head angle steeper, you should not change the rears sag. If you lower the front to lower the bike, but don't want the head angle steeper, you would increase the sag by the same figure.

O.k. I'm changing the head angle to get sharper turning....I was just concerned that I might be throwing off the rear sag. For some reason I got it in my head that I would be placing slightly more weight on the front, and screwing up the rear sag.

The effect will be more dynamic than static, and has more to do with steering geometry than with weight distribution. It won't hurt to check your sag settings, though.

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