Cable Modem....WOW!

As the regulars know, I've just relocated and part of the move is a new internet provider. We went with a cable modem and it's awesome. The cost is competitive, if your paying for an additional phone line and internet service. The speed is also incredible, the pictures come up so, Uhh!... UHH! the graphics come up so fast.

Just thought you'd like to know! Besides it'll give the un :pregistered knuckleheads something to flame :D. Come on Einstiens :)!



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Yeah, I know what you mean, they rule!!! When I see somebody elsescomputer hooked up to a phone line modem, I remember how lucky I am.


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our isp offers a cable modem, except in our neck of the woods the cable itself isn't up to snuff. they claim it will be replaced sometime soon, i was told that 3 years ago!

Aah! Now I see. You're not riding becuase you are looking at too many pics. :)

Good point about the PC firewall. I have had DSL for over a year (what a difference!). I was enlightened about cyber hackers by a friend shortly thereafter. I installed a program called "Black Ice" (I have no association with the company) and was truly amazed at the number of pings and port probes that I was receiving. Take some good advice and get yourself some protection if you have a constant web connection (and no, wearing a condom while web surfing doesn't qualify..... :) .

McCarp and Mike in SV,

Help me out here. I know what a firewall is....kind of :), but where would I go to get the the software? Can I download it from the web somewhere? I'm barely a user, let alone trying to download something. My printer hasn't worked since we changed the ink cartridge :D

Isn't ping somehting you get from running to low octane? and probe :D, I don't want any part of that....Kevin might though :D



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Go to and look at black ice defender. This is a killer program. I was turned on to a website that would check your computer security. A friend tried it and the site responded with an e-mail that gave his and his wifes name, etc. When I tried it, already having installed black ice, the site responded that my computer was invisible to it's probe. FYI, the site doing the testing was independent and in no way affiliated with black ice. I don't mean to sound like I am working in their sales department, I'm just a very happy customer. Once you have this program you will be absolutely AMAZED at the number of attacks placed on your computer (in 90 days I had 70 attacks). I can't remember the exact price ($40 ?) but BELIEVE me, It's money well spent!!!!

p.s. Kevin opted to not buy the software as he is especially fond of the port probes..... :) . Being snow bound in NH has it's disadvantages...... :D .

Has anyone heard of ZoneAlarm? It is a firewall that can be uploaded for free. There is also a commercial version available. I think the commercial version is about $40 bucks as well. I wonder how they compare?

Wow,i didnt know dirtbikers are also computer geeks.Beware that popular firewalls have already been exploited read hacked.Meaning you should update frequenly.Now when we all have high speed connections it will be easier to share your riding videos .Hope to see them soon

Yes, cable modems ROCK! I work for an ISP (UUNET), and am used to high speed access (we have two OC12's to feed 800 people :). The only problem is oversubscription--during the evening it slows down considerably.

Also, do yourself a favor and put a personal PC firewall on the PC with the cable modem. You'll get attacked sooner than later with the connection on 24x7.

I'v been using ZoneAlarm for the past year on my DSL connection. It works great an you can download it free. Its easy use and you will be suprised at how many "PINGS" your computer gets. Its a little inusurance.


I have a lynksys router/firewall. I was happy with the ease of installation, and it made networking my 3 computers a piece of cake. Can't comment on how secure it is but I know the default state of the firewall is to shut off most ports. I have had to open a couple to get things like phone free and my ftp server to work, so it must be doing something. Cost was roughly $175.

Run anti-virus software, and update it frequently.

If you have a CD-burner consider backing up your important data. CDs are cheap, data is priceless, specially when it is the first photo of your new WR!!! I always back up my system after I do taxes.

[Computer geek mode off]

[Motorcycle freek mode on]

time to go riding...


Hey you guys...I sure see my name being thrown around a lot. If God didn't want me to probe, he would have had me born with no arms, hands, feet well quite frankly anything I could somehow use to probe myself! :)

Also, you can do a free download of zone alarm @ I do use the freebie and am impressed how many times Bryan tries to hack into my PC when I am on ThumperTalk!

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You guys are PISSING ME OFF!

I can't get a cable modem in my area. I can't get DSL in my area through any of about 10 carriers in Denver. I called Ricochet and they don't have that set up in my area either.

So I'm dialed in on a 56k modem that really connects at about 24000.

I hope you are enjoying your fast modems!

Can I change my modem to YZ timing?



Hey Bryan, I bet the Richochet (Metrocom) wireless setup is available in Denver by now. They are about $70 a month for 128K. My company (UUNET/Worldcom) resells these badboys in major markets.

If it's a no-go, ISDn might be an alternative.

Regardless, even if you're using a modem, use a personal firewall. My setup is cable modem into a 2526 Cisco router running DHCP. ISDN off the S1 interface, cable modem on Eo. Lan on E1. Black Ice setup on all PC's running Win2000pro (proxy is built in). Cool stuff, very fast and relatively secure.

Actually this is more secure than most small corporate lans, what a shame.

Sorry if this is loosing people, I'm a techno geek. 'course, the WR is the REAL TOY!

bryan, i install satellite systems(dss) for a living and i was just trained on the new v-sat where you can get sat programming and internet over the dish. it's still fairly new but you can up and download as fast as cable with no phone. not sure of the price but it's all expensive anyways-right?!

Bonez, is the the DirectDuo through Directv? The reason I ask is because I work for Directv. We just signed up for the cable modem and yes in is smokin. Faster than my T1 line at work. But since I work for DTV, as soon as the DirectDuo is available, I will be switching over as I'm sure I'll get a discount on the equipment.

yes dougie it is available through dtv as direct duo but... with directduo you have to keep a phone line to upload-the duo only downloads over the dish! but the new v-sat up and dpwnloads over the dish. the direct duo has been out for quite a while now, i have installed a few but mostly in the sticks where they can't get cable. they are eventually going to do the same as v-sat and step up to u/d load over dish. i think the v-sat is available with dish network recievers and programming. same stuff-different crooks! try


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Hey Guys,

I have found out that this system is affected by traffic. It took 15 minutes to download the hillclimb video that Ron provided and I tried it in the morning at 6:00am and it took 2 minutes. Oh well, it's still better than phone line.



86TT225, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.

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