Cable Modem....WOW!

yeah, Bill- That's oversubscription at work. Basically your cable modem provider has enough bandwidth to handle about 1/2 of it's subscribers at full speeds. During the evening, when more than 1/2 are using the service, it will slow down. Sort of like rush hour on the freeway. call your provider and bitch..

I am, I'm a computer nerd too! Whew! Guess I am out of the closet now.

I just got the ATT @Home cable Internet access last week, very fast. I also added a Linksys 4 port firewall switch/router. Through this I can share my single cable connection with up to 4 computers, and the ISP is none the wiser. I also have improved security, as this thing makes me essentially *invisible* to the rest of the web. My kid is playing some Internet game on the same connection as I write this, with no discernable speed effect. Highly recommended. Model is at , best price was $129 at Amazon with free shipping. Setup was fairly pain free, especially if you dig into their site to find out how to set up your particular ISP.


Bill in Colo: '01 WR426F, '98 KLX300R, '01 TTR125L, '78 DR370, '74 DT360A. (My wife is a saint!)

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