YZ seat with WR tank??

I just got a WR tank for my YZ. I need a couple of extra miles that I cannot get out of the stock YZ tank.

Will the YZ seat work with the WR tank??

Thanks in advance, Ernie

Hmm, does this mean you will have a stock YZ seat and Tank for sale possibly?

I have a WR426 that Im looking to do the conversion on myself...maybe we could work $omething out?

drop me a line if interested, my inet connection is here and there but i usually check the email at least once a day or so..





I will be keeping the stock YZ set up for when I moto (which is what I usually do). The WR tank and seat thing is for when my buddies and I go for cross country/trail/longer rides and the YZ tank capacity just is not enough.

Sorry for getting you excited, Ernie

Negative Ernie. you need the WR seat base. I have a WR foam and cover but no base.


If you need a WR seat.. I've got 2. 1 is stock, the other has tall foam, and a ONE cover... I also have the matching graphics for the WR tank & shrouds. Never came out of package. I put my knee into the tank on a landing, and pushed the cap down 3-4", and cracked the tank. then while looking for a YZ tank to replace it.. I found a deal on my 2000 WRYZ and just replaced the whole bike!!!

stock seat would be cheap.

tall seat and graphics... Not sure. But I will say they look nice... especially the seat :)

Fershy and Crazyadam,

Thanks for the quick responses. It figures that I need the seat too!!


What are you asking for the stock seat??


I dunno, hows 50$ sound? I have gotten so much good advice from everyone here, that I feel I should give somthing back. adamkellner@hotmail.com

or just let me know on a post.

How much for the seat with the tall seat foam? and the graphics?



Another option is to get the IMS YZ 3.2 gallon tank. This tank works with the YZ seat, has WR fuel capacity, and much better ergonomics than the WR setup. I just bought one for my WR from Baja Designs.

Ernie- I would consider looking at an aftermarket tank that would fit the YZ seat (Ty Davis, IMS, clark, etc.) As many people have said on this forum it makes a big improvement over the stock WR set up. If you are really into the WR tank, I think I still have mine out in the garage.



How you been?? How are the hoofs?? I posted a while back trying to check up on you but you never responded. I figured you either took your own life cause you couldn'd ride for a while or you were in TT denial. :)

I honestly never thought about the ergonomics. You guys make a great point. I'll have to check into the aftermarket tanks.

Thanks, Ernie

Yep, the big YZ tank is nice, I put an acerbis tank on my 98, lots of capacity, works good strange shape. but that puts more fuel weight down low! It was 100$ from acerbis on sale!

The tall Wr seat.... hummm... my cost was ...

100$ seat cover and graphics

50$ foam, and about 50 for the seat... plus 2 hours time to custom fit seat foam and cover...180$ and i guess I'd let it go.

There is like 4 " of foam (2 seats worth) in the rear 8" of the seat (extra tall)

I'll try to post a pic of my bikes!

Originally posted by crazyadam:

There is like 4 " of foam (2 seats worth) in the rear 8" of the seat (extra tall) I'll try to post a pic of my bikes!


That is a lot ot foam. Are you 7' tall or is that seat for Herman Munster?????


I'm not a Munster, but close! :)

My shops scanner is broke, so no pic, but...

I cut the rear 6-8" off of the stock foam, cut at a large angle, or slope. then I glued it to the base, and put the tall foam over it. had to trim for the best fit, but it looks great! no lumps or wrinkles anywhere. from the fender to the top of the seat is about 3- or 4" instead of 2".

I've got long arms and legs.. and this is softer on my bony a$$, and makes it easier to stand... and a lot easier to let the seat bounce off of me in the serious rough stuff.

I did this to my YZ seat as well! my YZ seat is almost a straight line from the tank to the back of the seat.

I'll admit now that i did them so no one can borrow.. or test out my bike! :D even if they can start it :D !!!


The ankles are much better. Air cast is off. They hurt when it's cold. I can't run but I have been mtn and road biking alot. I'm going to Gorman this Sunday and try out the dirtbike on some trails. MX track soon. Are you going to the Supercross this Sat?

Think about the ergonomics on the WR tank. Thats why so many people have dumped the WR tank. The YZ or aftermarket big tank that fits a YZ seat is a huge improvement.

Let me know if you will be at the SX and we can hook up.


Thanks to all for the advise......I think you guys have talked me out of the WR tank. After doing some checking around I can get an aftermarket tank for about the same price through my sponsor.


Not going to this weekends round but we are going to the Feb 2nd round. You gonna go to that one?? If so let me know. We are going to go early to watch practice and the qualifiers. We'll have the 5th wheel, bbq and......uh.......beverages.


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