Thinking about a new 650L - help

I had a 1994 Honda XR 650L for about 6 years -

Corbin seat

Clark 5 gallon gas tank -

Steering dampener - and quite a few other mods.

One think I did not like about the bike was the lack of power when rolling down a trail. It would not pull the front tire to go over a rut or a rock no matter what gear you were in unless it was 1st at a very low speed. It was a good trail bike that took me on may AMA 100 mile and longer rides - Took my wife and I through Death Valley a few times and just myself on many many desert rides to nowhere and back - Never let me down.

I sold the bike about 2 years ago and never replaced it. I do have on road bikes but miss the peaceful outdoors away from it all in the dirt thing.

I have no way to test drive the new 650L as the dealers are reluctant to let you ride them. The bike sits a little high for me, the DR650 sits a little better to me. I can have both feet on the ground with the DR and toes on the XR.

The power would be the deciding factor - Have they improved the XR performance yet - can you pull the front tire in 2nd, 3rd?

Who has riden the older XR650L and can compare it to the new 650L.

Who has riden the DR. How does that compare to the 650L?

thanks -

I'm looking at the Honda more - but want that power it lacked in my 94


The 650L has not changed since it was released in 1993. The power is the same but they can easily be uncorked for some nice power gains for just a little money (tons of threads on this here). The DR has less on the bottom but about the same on the mid and top end. The 650l can be lowered by raising the forks in the clamps and taking out some preload in the shock (if you don't weigh over 200lbs) or by installing a lower link.

not 100% sure since i just go tmy 97 two days ago and am fact finding but the 93 thru 07 is about the same bike... tons of intel here on how to wake the bike up... too bad you sold it... go find another used one and wake it up... i've seen two local XR's get massively transformed and tweaked into real monsters... not quite my goal but there is a wheel lifting thumper in there... just needs a few mods... good luck lookin...


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