Headlight Question XR650L

I noticed just recently that everytime when i apply the brakes either thru the hand brake or foot brake, my headlight goes brighter. When i use the signal light flasher, the headlight intermittently goes from dim to bright just like the blinkers. This happens both in low beam and high beam. Lastly, The light goes from bright to dim when running even without using the brakes or flasher. I'm afraid that i may end up in the dark soon.. It has to be electrical, but where do i start? Has anybody ever have this experience? Thanks!

Most likely just a poor electrical connection. Check all the connections for tightness and corrosion. Clean any corrosion you find. There is something called dielectric grease that is sold at auto parts stores. It is used to keep the water out.

Use dielectric gel on every connection and even on the end of the bulb. It keeps all the water out and is non conductive.

Checked connections, nothing unusual, applied dielectric grease, changed H4 55W bulb. Same results... The headlight still goes from bright to dim while using the blinkers, applying the brakes, then just now it becomes brighter when i pull in the clutch!!! Could it be the A.C. Regulator or stator on it's way out? I am dumbfounded!

I'm assuming the battery for the bike is good and starts the bike fine or u would have mentioned something, right? If good I would hook up a dvom to the headlamp pwr (G) green pin and other to a known good grd and verify the actual voltage drop at the headlamp and work backwards from there. Following the wiring diagram the headlmap wiring goes down to the turn signal, dimmer, horn switch assembly. Might be worth 2 sec to take apart and see if poluted with water. Also check your grd. Make sure there is no pwr on your grd, if so it may be loose corroded or making interm. contact. Headlamp is on its own dedicated fuse in the fuse box. U can check there for corrosion and also for volatage drop there. Working backwards now start at headlamp, verify drop, then to switch, and then to fuse box for pwr side of things. By the way the (G) which I believe is green comes directly out of the regulator/rectifer, and pwr's all the lights. Report back and let me know what u find and we'll work from there:thumbsup: Jeremy

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