What size flywheel weight for 426

Setting up '01 YZ 426 for hare scrambles. Any opinions on 10oz. 12oz. or 14oz flywheel weights? I have aquired a second OEM flywheel and think that I am going with a bolt on weight from Zip Ty Racing.

JMO - but I think you might be happier with the "Rekluse" fly wheel weight! :censored:

I was debating the same thing for desert races, but went with the auto clutch. It was the right choice for sure! It took a little bit of the "hit" out, and makes it almost impossible to stall! :ride:

I have a 12oz. on my 01 YZ 426. I love it.

I know others here that put on the rekluse auto clutch and kept the stock flywheel and wouldn't change back to the manual clutch for all the tea in china.

I have both 14oz ZipTy & Rekluse. won't stall even when i crash. i ride tight single trails & love the set-up.

14 O.Z. on mine and and I love it.................

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