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Vermont titles

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Hey All,

I have just discovered this site and I have to say it is excellent. Tons of information!!!

I am looking at purchasing a used WR400/426 to replace my old YZ250. A friend of mine has a '01 YZ426 and I love it, but I would like something more suited to trail riding. Being that I live in a place where there is almost no place to ride (legally, anyway) I intend to put a street kit on the bike if I can't find one that is already done. This will be used for getting from trail to trail, not real street riding (I just dont think a knobby equipped bike is going to carve apexes quite the same :) ).

I looked into the process for getting a street title in PA and it looks pretty simple if the bike is 100% converted. I have also read up on using a vermont title. Below is my interpretation of the Vermont title process. I was hoping I could get some feedback from anyone who has done it or knows more then me as to how close I am with how I think it works or how far off I am.

OK, I have an "off road use only" PA title in my name. I send that to VT for a VT title and registration using my PA address and they simply sned me back a VT title and registration that does not distinguish street or off road use. I then take this new title and transfer it back to a PA title as a street bike since there is no indication that it is an off road bike only. Now I can get my PA registration and find someone to throw an inspection sticker on it. Sounds easy enough.

I also found two conflicting pieces of information. According to a post on this website VT requires a VIN verification by a state official if the bike is over 300cc. According to the VT DOT website that is correct, but for anything over 500cc. Does anyone know where this discrepancy comes from?



'89 YZ250 for hitting trees and getting hurt

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