1998 yz 400 SM wheels????

This isn't a for sale post, just a what do you think the wheels are worth post.

They are stock YZ 400 hubs from a 1998 YZ 400/426. Rotors sprocket and spacers. Excell rims, black. Good tires on the wheels D208's.

What would the wheels be worth? If some of you were looking for the wheels what would you like to pay, without ripping someone off and without getting ripped off?

The biggest limiting factor you're going to have with those wheels is the rear wheel is only fit to the 98 YZ. They changed the hub design for 99 and newer and I'm not sure what to do to fit them to a newer YZ/WR.

A used set of SM wheels with everything is worth between $600-$1000 depending on the quality and condition of components.

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