Need some help with clutch


First excuse my english but i'm from portugal and i have very little experience on writhing.

My situation is the following

My brother and i we have wr's 426.

Last Sundays after some trails ride when we were getting home the clutch cable broke. We touth it would just need to be replaced te cable.

but after installing a new one the clutch andle was very light and isn't working

WE guess that something inside the gear box is out of place

WE odd thing is that we did not pull the axle were the clutch cable is atached nor dismantled any motor part.

If anyone can give some kind of advice we would be very apreciated

Your English is fine. My Portuguese is...not. :censored:

Everything inside the clutch assembly should stay in place when a cable breaks, but it is possible sometimes to drop the release bearing (#18 & 19 in the drawing). I assume one bike is broken and one is OK, so on the one that still works, pull the clutch just to where the free play is taken up and look at the position of the clutch arm below the carb. Now push by hand the clutch arm of the bike with the bad cable until it gets tight. They should both be in a similar position at this point. If the broken one goes a lot farther, take apart the clutch cover and remove the springs (#9) and pressure plate (#6) to see if there is a problem.

Otherwise, unless you have been sold an incorrect cable, you should be able to adjust the play out and make it work right.


Thanks for the info really help full gonna check that

make sure you have the cable run the proper way otherwise you will have alot of slack and it wont give a good pull.

Ok waiting for the weekend to get my hands to the job

hi, im having a similar sort of problem but wasnt caused by snapped cable, clutch actuator arm doest feel any resistance till its about 30mm away from the cable holder, moves wayyyyy to far, what have i done wrong?

viva PORTUGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terra sem lei!!!!!!!!!!!

sometimes cluch disks break inside the basket on older models, once broke on my 00WR400, but I did´nt got all that cluch gap that you guys mention. just did a crank/rod rebuilt, imagine how i felt whend I saw them ok?:lol:

BTW, should´nt part 17 hold part 18 and 19? :applause: unless 20 gets broken....:eek:

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